Lembata, NTT
27 Oct - 3 Nov 18

Fitness Level

  • Very Easy

    a relaxing experience, you don’t have to do anything physical unless you want to

  • Easy

    only very easy physical activities involved, no preparation needed

  • Moderate

    an experience that will raise your hearbeat. Moderate physical fitness level required

  • Hard

    serious physical activities involved. Good fitness level is a requirement and the fitter you are the more you will enjoy the experience

  • Extreme

    serious fitness level required as some of the experiences can be difficult and full of challenges. Get ready to pump your heart!

DAY 1 - Saturday, October 27th 2018

  • Arrived at Wunopito airport of Lewoleba
  • Welcome ceremony at Lewoleba
  • Lunch at Lewoleba
  • Sail to Ile Batutara mt
  • Camp on tent at Batutara shore
  • Dinner & night activity on the camp


DAY 2 - Sunday, October 28th 2018

  • Sunrise & breakfast at Batutara
  • Morning activity at Batutara
  • Heading back to Lembata via Nuhanera/Jontona
  • Lunch at Nuhanera/Jontona
  • Activity/game at Nuhanera/Jontona (1 dive, snorkeling, explore beach)
  • Dinner & stay at Jontona, local village


DAY 3 - Monday, October 29th 2018

  • Breakfast at Jontana
  • Trekking to Lewohala traditional village
  • Join the bean festival at Lewohala
  • Lunch at Lewohala
  • Continue trekking to the ridge of mount Ile Lewotolok
  • Sunset and camp at the ridge of mount Ile Lewotolok
  • Dinner and stay on tent at the ridge of mount Ile Lewotolok


DAY 4 - Tuesday, October 30th 2018

  • Summit Ile Lewotolok, sunrise on the top of the mount
  • Breakfast on the mount
  • Activity on the caldera of Ile Lewotolok (local dance, food ball, etc)
  • Heading back to Lewoleba
  • Lunch at Lewoleba
  • Free activity
  • Dinner and stay at Lewoleba


DAY 5 - Wednesday, October 31st 2018

  • Breakfast at Lewoleba
  • Heading to Atadei
  • Welcome ceremony at Atadei
  • Join local ritual at Watuwawer (dapur alam) & Ahar ritual at Atakore village.
  • Lunch at Atakore village
  • Heading to mount Ile Werung
  • Dinner and stay on tent at mount Ile Werung area


DAY 6 - Thursday, November 1st 2018

  • Summit and sunrise & breakfast at mount Ile Werung
  • Heading to Lamalera village
  • Watch attraction of whale hunting in Lamalera
  • Lunch at Lamalera
  • Heading to Lolong using south road of Lembata
  • Explore Atawua Palace (human skeleton, human rocks, dragon stones, cobra stones, etc)
  • Heading back to Lewoleba
  • Dinner and stay at Lewoleba


DAY 7 - Friday, November 2nd 2018

  • Good morning Waijarang, breakfast at Kuma Resort
  • Heading to Waijarang to release TUKIK (small turtles)
  • Join festivals in Wolorpass, Waijarang:
    • Camping area by local boy scouts
    • Umbrella Festival
    • Fashion Carnaval
    • Paralayang Festival
    • Lampion Festival
    • and more
  • Join farewell dinner at Kuma Resort, Waijarang
  • All join Lampion festival in the evening at Kuma Resort


DAY 8 - Saturday, November 3rd 2018

  • Last day at Lembata, breakfast at Kuma Resort
  • City tour Lewoleba City (traditional Market, Jetty harbor)
  • Heading to Airport
  • Flight back to Kupang
  • Good by Lembata, see you on the next Adventure.

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