02 APR 2018

Healthy Benefits Behind Traveling

Traveling has become the most considerable option, at least, to take a break from a stressful and boring life.  A data on reasons why international travelers travel cited from stastita.com indicates that 38% of them travel because they want to escape from daily routines.  When it comes to balancing life, traveling should be put on the priority list, why?  Aside from the leisure time that it offers, out of our consciousness, traveling also has some benefits that we are not aware of. All these benefits are backed by science so there will not be any more reason for someone not to spend money on traveling.  


1. Reducing the likelihood of depression

When someone craves for a break from daily routine that may be a signal of overwhelming work or daily task she or he cannot take it anymore. It should not be held back as it will intensify the stress and negative effects leading to unproductivity or, worst, depression.  This notion has been confirmed by a study conducted in 2005 by Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin in which the outcome says women who travel less than once in every two year are prone to stress and depression than the women who travel, at least, twice in a year. Besides, Dr. Margaret J. King, director of the Center for Cultural Studies & Analysis said that traveling can free someone up from all the complexities running around in workplace or relationship and reset mind.


2. Reducing a risk of heart attack

Heart attack? yes. This is somewhat shocking yet interesting to know that a study has revealed a chance of suffering from heart attack can be reduced by traveling. It says that men who never take a vacation for several years are 30% more likely to have a heart attack and women who only go out of, at least, her town once in six years are likely to die of a heart attack. The study also reveals that those who travel on regular basis have 21% less chance of suffering from heart attack.

The reason is very obvious. While we are traveling, we tend to be more active by walking around to sightsee or shop. That little physical activity is called moderate exercise which can lower the risk of heart attack by 30% to 50% according to World Heart Federation.


3. Making a happier life

This is the main reason why people travel. They want to feel happier and satisfied about a life they have regardless of the current condition.  By traveling for a very short period of time, it can be enriching because you will have a chance to explore and immerse yourself in  such a diverse cultures, traditions, passions and perspectives that you will probably be a more enlightened and engaged person after you come back home and do your routine again. Traveling makes your life happier. A study conducted at Cornell in 2010 says that buying travel experiences leads to a happier life in the long run than buying thin.



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