Yellowdoor is an experiential gift company in Indonesia committed to help you and your loved ones create beautiful memories that lasts a lifetime. At Yellowdoor, we aim to be Indonesia leading experiential gifts company and hope to help showcase Indonesia's richness whilst giving people a memorable experience.Our experiences are catered for everyone, to please the adrenaline seeker to those who prefers quiet and relaxing activities. You can choose for yourself or to pass on as an experience gift voucher to your loved ones from swimming with sharks, bungee jumping to chocolate making classes or creating your personal music album.

While shopping on Yellowdoor, you don’t need to have a Yellowdoor account. You can do it with or without login.

No, the person doesn’t need to have an account. You can give the voucher to anyone, anywhere. Please bear in mind the location of the experience.

To create an account

  1. Click on Sign-up
  2. Enter your email-id
  3. Enter Password
  4. Re-type password


Simply click on Login via Facebook or Google Account and you are registered.

As soon as your payment is confirmed, you will get a confirmation mail.

Our website contains a lot of information and pictures that is worth a thousand word, should you need more information about the experiences you see on the website, feel free to call us at (+62) 22 87786529 or write a mail to to know more about any of the experiences.

Prior to making a payment you can cancel your order at anytime, however once you make a payment the order cannot be cancelled. 

1. Once you find the experience that you want, click on "add to cart". If you are not sure about the experience you want, you can opt for a gift voucher instead.

2. At Cart, you can choose your delivery method and the quantity of the product

3. Enter your details

4. Choose your payment method, either by credit card, bank transfers or you can also input a Yellowdoor gift voucher if you have one

5. click on  "Confirm"

6. You will receive an order id when your order is confirmed.

6. Voucher will be sent according to your delivery choice

7. Experience ready to be enjoyed by you or your loved ones. Enjoy!


Giving someone an experience is always better because people will always remember it. Giving them items like flowers or chocolate does not last and lack the personal factor, and if you opt up for something more durable it can be lost, forgotten or not suitable to their taste. An experience though, it is something they can always cherish.

Our vendors does not cater to customized experiences for individuals but if you have a group/ bulk booking, you can contact us and we will work with you into creating your customized experience.

Our experience provider try their best to make sure your experiences are the same as what the pictures and descriptions portray however since many of the experiences are dealing with human and nature, some variation might need to be made to make sure you are getting the best of your purchase. Their aim however is to make sure you are having the best time.

The experiences can be enjoyed by Indonesian or any other nationality, do remember though that ALL experiences (unless otherwise stated) are located in Indonesia so you make sure you look at the location before purchasing.

Yellowdoor selects each experience provider with due care. We only welcome experience provider with good proven track records. Most experience provider are visited personally and we do annual mystery audit on them. We also rely on customer feedbacks.   Experience provider with considerable amount of bad reviews will be replaced by others. For this, we also ask for your help to give us feedback.

We are sorry your experience did not go as expected and we value your feedback to help us improve. Please contact our customer service at and one of our friendly officers will assist you.

We value your request as this will help us provide more experiences. Please write to us for any experience you are looking for and we will try our best to provide them to you

We do hope you only cancel for good reasons. Each experience provider will have their own cancellation policy. This will be noted in your voucher. 

The experience provider are committed in delivering their services. The reasons they need to cancel usually is for those weather dependent experiences which is done so to make sure you have an enjoyable time or for reasons as stated in the product details.   If however there is an unreasonable cancellation from the experience provider, please do contact us and we will help you rectify the matter.

In our product details you will find information about what to bring or what to wear on your Experience day. You can also ask the vendor when you make a booking.



We have two types of gift vouchers.

Experience Voucher is related to a particular product (for example a gift voucher for sky-diving or cooking class).

Gift Voucher is a voucher with nominal amount that you can use to shop at . It is a great gift if you are not sure what the recipient wants or like. This way, they can choose their own experiences and use the voucher you have given them to pay for it. In other words, gift vouchers are used to buy experience vouchers.

1. Visit

2. Browse through our extensive list of experience and find the ones you like 

3. Add them to CART

4. Pick your delivery method. Digital via email or in our special gift pack

5. Make your purchase using the available payment methods

6. Once confirmed we will send you the voucher

1. Contact the vendor listed in your voucher and make a booking

2. Go to the experience location on the day you selected and enjoy it

We value your feedback so would appreciate if you can tell us how your experience went. 

At the moment, we cannot exchange experiences that have been purchased thus for giving, we suggest Gift Voucher if you are unsure about what recipient like/want.  

Yes, you can give your experience to someone else. This person will just need to have the voucher code. On this note we asked you to be careful with your vouchers as Yellowdoor is not responsible for any theft once the voucher is in your possession. 

No, you cannot go any experience venue without booking it as you could be disappointed if the experience provider is unable to provide the service to you.

1. Visit

2. Go to Gift Voucher 

3. Select the amount you wish to purchase

4. Add to Cart

5. Pick your delivery method. Digital via email or in our special gift pack

6. Pay upon check out and once confirmed we will send you the voucher

1. Visit

2. Select any experiences listed in the website 

3. Add to Cart

4. Pick your delivery method. Digital via email or in our special gift pack

5. Enter Yellowdoor voucher code at the time of payment and the amount will be deducted from your purchase

6. Pay remaining balance (if any)

7. Upon confirmation we will send you the voucher

You can login to your account and enter your Yellowdoor voucher code to find the status and expiry date. Alternatively, you can contact our customer service at

You can make partial payment by using Yellowdoor voucher. The balance amount can then be paid by the available methods.

At the moment we are unable to provide this service so the balance will be forfeited. However, we do have plenty of experiences of multiple values to choose from so we are sure you will be able to find experiences to make up the value without having to fork out too much extra. As part of our continuous improvement to service you better, this is one area we hope to provide in the near future.

You can use up to 3 gift vouchers to pay for your chosen experience/s. You just need to input the voucher code upon check out and the amount will be deducted respectively.

Yellowdoor vouchers are applicable on all the products which are available on

At the moment there are two choices on how you receive your vouchers.

e-Voucher – we will send you the voucher via email.

Gift Pack – we have a special gift pack for an extra small value designed to bring more smile to the recipient. We suggest this method if you are giving the experiences. Like all gifts, they are better when wrapped. J check this link for a picture of our gift pack.

All Gift Vouchers are valid for 1 year. For Experience Vouchers, they vary from 3 months to 1 year according to experience provider.

Every voucher has its own validity controlled by the respective experience provider, it cannot be extended.

Of course, just contact Yellowdoor customer service (email, phone or live chat) and one of our friendly officer will help you.

You have to share your order id and order email id with our customer care. Once verified we will share the voucher code details with you.

We have provided a column where you can write your personal message for the recipients.

You can contact Yellowdoor customer service via the means listed in our website (phone, email, or live chats) and we will do our very best to assist you.


For online purchases, you can use your Credit/Debit card, Bank/ ATMTransfer, or Yellowdoor Gift Vouchers if you have.


For corporate or purchases over 20 quantity on a single item, you can contact us and our account manager will work to come up with the best deals and payment method specifically.

For online transactions we have chosen Veritrans, an Indonesian proven leading payment gateway company as a secure third party to help us conduct transactions. Veritrans comply with both Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) level 1 (highest level), as well as International Standard Organization for Information Security Management System (ISO 27001) and is externally audited annually by Control Case (QSA).


Each cardholder will be authenticated using One Time Password (OTP) in order to verify the transaction.

No. We want to be as transparent as we can so the amount you see is the amount you pay.

Sorry, we are unable to store any transaction history without a Yellowdoor account. You need to register with us then we will have your payment history details. 


We cover almost all location in Indonesia.  If you cannot find your city, you can contact us and we will do our very best and work with you to come up with a solution.

Currently we send gift vouchers only within Indonesia.

You can send the voucher to your address and then give it in person.

The delivery varies from instant to 5 days depending upon the type of voucher and location. For location remotely located in Indonesia, the delivery time might be longer. You will be informed during check out and of course you are welcome to contact us if you have any doubts.

We have partnered with some of the best delivery and logistics agencies in Indonesia with proven safety and track records.

Please contact our customer service and we will help you find out the cause.

If you have chosen a gift pack, you will be given an order tracking number along with the link to the courier site where you can track the status. Alternatively, please contact our customer service.

We apologies for that. Please email and we will take care of that.


Yellowdoor can provide your company with vouchers that can be used as gift-aways during corporate events or to reward employees.

We can also help with a team building event. Please contact and one of our Account Executive will work with you.

We can customize the product according to the needs of your company from the inclusion of your logo to creating an experience to complement your corporate objectives. Please contact and one of our Account Executive will work with you.

For corporate, you will be assigned an Account Executive and this person will meet and work with you according to your needs and budget.