Experience Giving in Corporate Life

"New life experiences have more impact than reward objects. Evidence indicates that providing new positive life experiences (for example, a hot-air balloon ride, wine-tasting class, or vacation to Italy) tends to provide a greater happiness boost than spending a comparable amount on material objects (flat-screen television, fancy suit, or purse)."- as taken from Forbes.com

In today's world, keeping employees motivated and happy is one of the fundamental keys to the success of companies. Research shows employees that are active and having new experiences are likely to be more excited in their lives, thus also reflected in their workplace.

Yellowdoor helps companies reward their employees whilst also enhancing new positive experiences for the individuals. Our customers have utilized Yellowdoor vouchers to show appreciation for employees' valuable work or for corporate event giveaways.

Rather than a standard gift or money, why not invest in your employees' happiness? Let Yellowdoor give your employees the experience of a lifetime. 

Note: the full Forbes article can be seen here

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