3 hours
All Ages
All Year Round

Fitness Level

  • Very Easy

    a relaxing experience, you don’t have to do anything physical unless you want to

  • Easy

    only very easy physical activities involved, no preparation needed

  • Moderate

    an experience that will raise your hearbeat. Moderate physical fitness level required

  • Hard

    serious physical activities involved. Good fitness level is a requirement and the fitter you are the more you will enjoy the experience

  • Extreme

    serious fitness level required as some of the experiences can be difficult and full of challenges. Get ready to pump your heart!

You can choose the tour date but the check in time will be informed by our reservation only when the booking is confirmed / depends on seat availability:


07.00                     : Pick up from hotel
09.00                     : Arrive at Amuk Bay
09.00-09.30         : Check in, Briefing & Safety Procedure, Weight measure, Life jacket.
09.30-10.15           : Dive with Odyssey Submarine
10.30- 11.30           : Lunch
11.30                       : Return to hotel


08.00                     : Pick up from hotel
10.00                     : Arrive in Amuk Bay
10.00-10.30           : Check in, Briefing & Safety Procedure, Weight Measure, Life Jacket.
10.30-11.15            : Dive with Odyssey Submarine
11.30-12.30           : Lunch
12.30                     : Return to hotel


09.00                   : Pick up from hotel
11.00                     : Arrive in Amuk Bay
11.00-11.30          : Check in, Briefing & Safety Procedure, Weight Measure, Life Jacket.
11.30-12.15            : Dive with Odyssey Submarine
12.30-13.30          : Lunch
13.30                     : Return to hotel


Location of Submarine operational / dive site :
Amuk Bay, Karangasem, Bali. Near Padang Bay Seaport - eastern Bali.
It is 1,5 hour from Kuta or 2 hours from Nusa Dua area.



Setelah anda melakukan pembayaran, Yellowdoor akan mengirimkan voucher dalam bentuk pdf atau dikiriman melalui pos sesuai dengan pemesanan anda.

Once you purchase your experience, we will deliver your voucher by pdf/ by mail according to your chosen method.



Hubungi penyedia jasa yang tertera didalam voucher dengan menyebutkan kode voucher dan tentukan tanggal pemesanan.

Contact the Experience Provider as listed in the voucher, quote your voucher code and make your booking.



Datanglah sesuai dengan tanggal pemesanan dengan voucher anda dan selamat bersenang - senang.

Come on the booking day with your voucher and have fun creating new memories.


Amendment reservation must be informed 1 (one) day in advance.

Cancellation on the tour date or No Show will be charge 100% of the rates.