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Salsa Dancing Class Jakarta - private

Have you always wanted to learn SALSA or you are looking to improve your SALSA technique?


SALSA is such a happy, fun, social and universal dance. It is practiced all over the world and once you know how to dance SALSA, you can pretty much go anywhere and be able to dance with anyone.


SALSA dancing has also been known to boost confidence and improve social lives, and guess what? You get to burn calories whilst having fun! 


In this private 4x meeting course, you will learn SALSA from two professional, friendly and patient instructors according to your own pace. One female and male instructor will help you so you can best learn partnering works. You can also invite some friends and create your own SALSA group. 

This course is for anyone, no age limit! Anyone can join in. For beginners or those who have been a SALSA dancer looking to improve their skills. Be more social, meet and impress people in this dance style that never gets out of style.



Comfortable wear and shoes.



  • A Professional Instructors (Up to 2 Instructor, Depending on Availability)
  • 4x1 hour of private lesson (max 3 participants)



Studio is not included. You can choose your own venue or discuss with the instructor when making a booking.



3 months

1 hour

Private Calligraphy Class - Jakarta

We strongly believe that writing is essential in either personal or business side and it would be more amazing if you can write with a classic touch of calligraphy! In this 4 Hours class, you'll learn this amazing skill of basics calligraphy from our class with a bold and elegant touch of gold ink.


Professionals, including our own members, will provide you with new knowledge and abilities to bring your ideas to life.



Your daily clothing at your preferable place/ or maybe your own/friends house



·       Handout

·       Guideline sheets

·       2 Brush pens

·       Pencil, Eraser, and Ruler


The time of activity base on your agreement with Experience provider in your own preferable time


6 months

4 hours

Paragliding Puncak - Tandem

A great way to enjoy the full paragliding aerial experience without having to learn how to launch or control the paraglider yourself. Just prepare your heart and let these trained paragliders take you on a bird eye journey across the beautiful scenery.



Comfortable clothing, shoes, sunscreen



  • Transfer (Hill - Drop Zone - Hill)
  • Paragliding equipment
  • Trained guides



  • For all ages but recommended for age 12-60 years old.
  • Participant under 18 years old must have parents' or guardians' consent
  • Minimum weight of participant is 30kg.


6 months

5-15 minutes

Singing Sensation

Create your own music mini Album with the help of professionals.   


You  will be guided to bring out the best of your voice and have it recorded into a CD where you can use it for your own or to give that special someone a very personal present.   


The session includes initial consultation to find the music that best suits your voice. During booking, you can also requests your favorite songs.  


The session includes 3-4 hours studio time with recording up to 5 songs. You will also have a physical CD with your own customized Cover Album. You can bring your picture to the session or we can take one in the studio. Not only that, your recording will also include editing and mixing by professionals.  


By the end of the session, you will feel like a STAR.  


Comfortable clothing.    




  •     Consultation session  
  •     Album Cover Design
  •     up to 5 songs recording
  •     3-4 hours studio time
  •     Mixing and Editing   


You can make a request of your favourite songs during booking, if not, come to the studio and choose from our extensive selections.     


6 months

3-4 hours